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But before we offer you the cheapest bus tickets to Vigo, we would love to tell you a bit about this city and its charms.

Vigo, industrial city

Vigo Galicia’s most industrial city, boasts a lovely climate in summer and rainy winters that contribute to a breathtaking landscape. It is the most densely populated city in Galicia thus becoming the hub for many trips – as the starting point or the end point in big tours around Galicia and Portugal.

Vigo is located in the beautiful Ria (estuary) of Vigo, and was founded by the Romans who named it VICVS. Since then, that little village has grown and developed without losing its original charm.

What to see in Vigo

Even with its industrial feel, Vigo has many things to see and enjoys vibrant streets at any time of the day. We have selected five key points that you shouldn’t miss in Vigo:

  1. Cies Islands: They are without a doubt one of the biggest attractions for visitors, because Cies Islands boasts what many regard as one of the best beaches in the world.
  2. Mount of Castro: If you like history, don’t miss this landscape dotted with “castros” (hill forts) and walls dating back to the Iron Age – very well-preserved pieces of history.
  3. Old Town: Every old city has an old town, and Vigo is no different in that respect. Everything is magic here: the Santa María Co-Cathedral, A Pedra market, Praza da Constitución square… Even getting lost in those streets is a real treat!
  4. Port of Vigo: Vigo has one of the most important ports in the country and it is very well integrated in the city. The port offers many attractions, such as boat trips around the ria as well as theme trips.
  5. Restaurants: If you come to Vigo, of course you’ll have to stop by its restaurants. What can be better during your trip than fresh fish and seafood accompanied by a good bottle of Rias Baixas wine?

Tourist Office in Vigo:

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