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Porto, much more than wine

Porto is famous for being a city at the mouth of the Duero River with wine everywhere, but it offers much more to the traveller, whether on a weekend break or as a stopover on your holidays.

It is the second biggest and most important city in Portugal, after Lisbon, and thanks to its vast cultural heritage, its historical centre was declared World Heritage by UNESCO, a fact that gives you an idea of the type of city we are talking about.

What to see in Porto

If you want to see all the beauty Porto has to offer, don’t go only to its historical centre – cross the Duero River to visit Gaia and enjoy the gastronomy.

The five things you can’t miss in Porto are:

  1. Sé Cathedral: The Sé Cathedral in Porto is at the heart of the historical centre. It was built between the 12th and 13th centuries, and it boasts Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque styles. It is one of the main symbols of the city and a great starting point to visit the town centre.
  2. Church and Clerigos Tower: These are two very different buildings, both very charming. The Tower stands 76 metre tall (and 240 steps!) providing gorgeous views of Porto.
  3. City Bridges: Porto is also known as the city of the seven bridges, because that is the number of bridges that cross Duero river from side to side, not only connecting the city but giving it a special appeal.
  4. Wine: As you know, Porto wine is famous worldwide and it is very coveted. Why not try Porto wine at the city? Our advice is that, if you want to visit the authentic wineries, cross the river to Gaia.
  5. Cod and francesinhas: Porto gastronomy goes in two different directions. On the one side, there is cod, with over 365 ways of preparing it and, if you are looking for something more informal, try a francesinha, a sandwich that you will certainly love.

Tourist Office in Porto: www.portoturismo.pt

Itineraries from Porto, with destinations to Vigo, Santiago de Compostela and Ourense.

Porto (Campo Mártires da Patria, 37):
Monday to Friday:  8:20 | 10:20 | 13:20 | 17:55 | 21:20
Saturday:  10:20 | 17:55 | 21:20
Sunday:  10:20 | 17:55 | 21:20

Porto (Avda. de los Aliados – McDonald’s):
Monday to Friday:  8:30 | 10:30 | 13:30 | 18:05 | 21:30
Saturday:  10:30 | 18:05 | 21:30
Sunday:  10:30 | 18:05 | 21:30

Porto (Airport):
Monday to Friday:  8:45 | 10:55 | 13:55 | 18:45 | 21:55
Saturday:  10:45 | 18:45 | 21:55
Sunday:  10:45 | 18:45 | 21:55

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