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Ourense, a city full of surprises

Ourense is still a hidden jewel in Galicia. It is the third city in population, with around 108,000 inhabitants. It is full of surprises both in the old city and its outskirts.

Ourense has been populated since the Castro period, but it was during the Roman age that it flourished, according to numerous historians, due to the big reserves of gold in the area, and thus its name.

These days Ourense is a modern, pleasant and vibrant city, ideal for a weekend break.

What to see in Ourense

Ourense attractions are split between the city’s old town, where you can visit the monuments, and the periphery, with its famous hot springs, with water temperatures of up to 70º. Mind your hands!

The five things you can’t miss in Ourense are:

  1. San Martín Cathedral: If you are an art lover, the Cathedral of Ourense will impress you. Built between 1160 and 1188, it is a big Romanesque and Gothic building, and it has three naves. It is remarkably well-preserved.
  2. San Martín Square: It is a small square at the foot of San Martín Cathedral, just opposite the stairs on the Northern side of the Cathedral, offering incredible views.
  3. Millennium Bridge: Another interesting feature of this city is its bridges. The first we are introducing to you was recently built (2001) and is 22 m above sea level, providing amazing views and boasting a fantastic design.
  4. Roman Bridge: A few metres away from the Millennium Bridge is the Roman Bridge, one of the symbols of the city. It was built during Emperor Augustus time and, although it has been rebuilt, there are some remaining original stones in the foundation.
  5. Hot Springs: In the outskirts of Ourense there are several hot springs, some are public and others are private, and at any time of the year you will be able to enjoy a bath at 36-38 degrees Celsius with the city in the backdrop, don’t miss it!

Tourist Office in Ourense: www.turismodeourense.com

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