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Lisbon, not just the capital of Portugal

Lisbon is the biggest and most important city in Portugal, with the highest GDP in the country. Lisbon invites the visitor to get lost in its historic centre, try its many culinary delights, visit the monuments and, above all, get to know the locals.

What to see in Lisbon

Lisbon has many attractions, so many that is impossible to mention them all, but these are five things you shouldn’t miss when visiting Lisbon:

  1. Lisbon Cathedral: It is the oldest and most important church of the city. Built in the 12th century, its main style is Romanesque. Don’t forget to visit the cloister and the treasure.
  2. Tower of Belem: Located at the Tagus estuary, this is one of the most special places of Lisbon. Climb to the top of this old defence city tower for excellent views. Look out for the gargoyle with the rhino shape!
  3. Monastery of the Jeronimos: It is one of the main tourist places in Lisbon and the whole of Portugal. This World Heritage monument is the work of Diogo de Boitaca and it will certainly impress you.
  4. Saint George’s Castle: This castle boasts the best view of Lisbon from afar. It is a very old castle, started to be built by the Visigoths around the 5th century. In the 9th century the Arabs expanded it and it was further built on during the kingdom of Alfonso Enriques. So make sure you don’t miss a visit to the castle!
  5. Sintra: It is a small city very close to Lisbon with two must-see monuments: On the one side is the Palace of Pena and, very close by, the Castle of Mouros. They are both worth a visit.

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