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Algarve, beaches and rural tourism

Algarve is a holiday destination for those who are looking for sun and natural beaches and want to avoid the crowds. You’ll find quiet villages and beaches, ranging from small coves to others that stretch for kilometres connecting with the Alentejo coast. Algarve is a destination for peace and quietness, with very hospitable and warm people.

What to see in Algarve

Here are five must-see places in Algarve:

  1. Beaches: Undoubtedly the main attraction in this part of Portugal, whose name means “The West”. The best beaches in Algarve are Praia de Santa Ana (near Lagos), Praia de Rocha, with its impressive cliffs, Praia do Carvalho, the wildest of them all, where you will have to cross a tunnel to reach it, and last but not least, the beaches of Tavira island.
  2. Cape St. Vincent: it boasts one of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever experience, when the weather is good. There is a café at the cape where you can wait for the sunset or where you can enjoy it from a different angle – you won’t be able to stop taking pictures!
  3. Carrapateria: One of the most charming villages in Algarve. A small fishing village crowded with surfers in summer, due to its good weather and big waves.
  4. Sagres: The closest village to Cape St. Vincent, and equally beautiful. Sagres is nestled on top of several cliffs, and boasts a gorgeous small fortress.
  5. Ria Formosa Natural Park: A unique location for spotting birds migrating to Africa. It is also very close to Tavira, another beautiful village in the Portuguese Algarve. Take a boat from here to access one of the best beaches in the country.

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