Quality Policy

At AUTOCARES AUTNA, S.L. we have established a System of Quality Management in order to maintain our services and implement a system of continuous improvement throughout the organisation.

In order to do so, we rely on quality criteria for road passenger transport, on the company internal organisation and mainly on customer’s satisfaction, including how they rate the services we provide.

To comply with this policy, at AUTOCARES AUTNA, S.L. we assume a commitment with quality focused on the needs of our customers by carefully selecting the best drivers and providers, performing a very detailed and strict maintenance and care of our buses and offering a prompt and efficient customer service. We always have the customer at heart, looking at all times for their maximum comfort and satisfaction.

Our material and human resources are the key to be in a prominent position in the sector of road passenger transport services.

AUTOCARES AUTNA, S.L. is committed to comply with the legislation and regulations of our industry, as well as with our internal requirements and the demands of our customers.

Moreover, we as an organisation are committed to the continuous improvement of our system of quality management.

This involves searching and anticipating any potential discomfort or concern, thus providing our customers with the highest level of satisfaction while developing our services in the process.

The Management is committed to bring in as many resources as needed to achieve the goals of our Quality Policy, and to promote, support and participate in any initiative to improve quality in all departments of the company.

The Management ISO 9001