About Us

AUTNA, S.L is a Passenger Transport company, established in 1990. We have a great deal of experience in the industry. We take pride in our team of professional employees, a team that results from a long family history of individuals who knew how to adapt themselves to the new times.

From the start, we have specialised in school transport and private services for passengers at national and international level. Our buses offer maximum comfort and are equipped with the latest technology in the market. Moreover, our professional team is there to share with you the best service quality to ensure you have the best experience.

We have at present a fleet of 22 buses, with an average life of 4 years, all fitted with air conditioning, individual reading light, reclining seats, and additional features to comply with the most advance technical specifications in the market.

Ten of our buses are in the “Great Comfort” category. They excel in terms of space between seats, a tray for drinks, coffee machine, magazine rack, safety belts, coffee, toilet, GPS …


Our History

Like all beginnings it was difficult at first. We came to realise that users’ needs had changed and they demanded more dedication. Having material resources was not the best and only solution any more, although it was still key; but the human factor became indispensable, and it was paramount to have the best drivers, the best technical service team, and the best customer service. Together with the managerial department we analysed the suggestions and requests of our customers, thus forming a team totally dedicated to the constant improvement of our services, from safety to service quality.

Our buses boast a GPS location service via satellite and they are always in touch with our own and exclusive radio stations, generating a swift response if problems arise while they are on the move.
But AUTNA, S.L. still lacked a type of service that was reserved for just a few: Regular scheduled services.

After several years thoroughly studying the potential shortcomings and the new demands of the market, in February 2000 our International Scheduled Passenger Service between Vigo and Porto took off, with two daily trips.

Three months after that, we offered a new alternative to our users – the chance to travel daily to Lisbon and Algarve, changing buses in Porto with a Portuguese partner operator.

These achievements push us to work a bit harder every day, to strive for new projects that might take time but that we know will provide the best of rewards: The satisfaction of a job well done.

At AUTNA, S.L, we do not believe that our journey has come to an end, quite at the contrary: by continuing with our policy of striving for the highest quality as a daily goal, we will pursue the best of results in our services, meeting our clients’ needs and staying vigilant to potential shortcomings and new demands of the market at all times, as well as integrating the new technologies of the industry.


Our philosophy

Our philosophy consists of trying to inject youth into our work. We are led by our Manager, a young businessman with a long professional career, who has managed to share his dream with all those surrounding him. This dream is our daily struggle to comply with our aim: Quality and reliability in our work.

The satisfaction of a job well done, a job that has an impact on all our customers. Learning and searching for solutions to everyday problems without dismissing any of the suggestions received, no matter how crazy they might be because what might seem the craziest idea can turn into something great.

To achieve this ideal, it is paramount to have an excellent team of employees – starting by our drivers as the first image from us our customers see.

Routine and discouragement have no place in Autna, S.L.. We value happiness and the will to surpass your expectations.

We would like to thank all our customers – without you our small venture would have never been possible!

“A job carry out in good spirits, is a job half done.”

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